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Giant Panda


Research Computing at SI worked with the eMammal project and researchers from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, Conservation International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society to develop a An Open Standard for Camera Trap Data  This standard is the basis for a data pipeline to support the ingest and preservation of over 5 million camera trap images for the eMammal project.

eMammal is a conservation science program that provides researchers with supporting software for managing camera-trapping projects. The software is designed to accommodate projects of different sizes and to facilitate collaboration with citizen scientists. The eMammal program uses a specially designed data pipeline to move wildlife images and metadata from the field, through an expert review process and into SIdora, a Smithsonian data repository for long term storage. The data is open and accessible under a Creative Commons license for other researchers and the public to download and use from the Smithsonian eMammal website

This project is producing a mammal diversity database that is unrivaled in the world and capable of supporting research at different scales from local to regional to global. The images and metadata are born digital records of vertebrates documented in space and time, in the context of habitat, and often exhibiting characteristic behaviors and inter-species interactions. This data repository currently contains over 5 million images that can be used for current and future conservation science, as an education resource for teachers, youth and citizen volunteers, and to communicate Smithsonian science to the media and general public. 


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